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∞ /notes/coding-alaaf | 2009-03-19 | eclipse java

Coding Alaaf!

Cross-posted to: https://fsteeg.wordpress.com/2009/03/19/coding-alaaf/

I have been using the leisure of the fifth season to play a bit with some side projects.

In qLog for Eclipse, I've improved the scrolling behaviour (with some help) and tweaked our Log4j appender a bit. You can install or update the plug-in using our update site at http://www.quui.com/updates. If you are running on a non-Linux system, you will have to install XulRunner to make this work. To use the plug-in with Log4j, simply add a de.quui.qlog.Log4jAppender to your Log4j logger. Check out this test, which will log the messages you can see on the screenshot below.

For Hollala, I've made WordNet optional, fixed some bugs and, most importantly, set up a proper Ant build system (to build, test, javadoc, jar and zip it). I've also added a download link to the latest version on the project page.