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Mac Apps

Cross-posted to: https://fsteeg.wordpress.com/2007/02/17/mac-apps/

Alright, while I love my Mac and all I have noticed a relative unstableness in the apps I regularly use, probably caused by the two major switches of OS 9 to OS X and from PPC to Intel recently. I think the only Mac app I'm using from the very beginning of being a Mac user (which is since about 1999) is the fabulous MacSOUP. So when I need an app for a task I do less often (like an FTP-client) I'm lost and can't remember what that app to use is. So I decided to compile this list, mainly as a note to myself, it may act as a check list for setting up a fresh system... I've added a [commercial]-tag on the apps that are commercial, the rest is either FOSS or Freeware. First section is internet-related stuff:

Next, something like an office-section, nothing complete again, just my personal collection, as stated above: Then, lets call it media-related apps: And finally system utils and stuff like that: That should be it, I guess I'll keep this note updated to have an up-to-date resource for my personal choice of essential Mac apps.