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∞ /notes/search | 2004-03-22 | programming


I read a lot on the struggle of Google to keep up its leadership in the search-engine market (esp. in TR). Google advantages are treatened by the fact taht many people exploit Googles way of ranking results (which is a hack basically in the doube sense of being easy to trick and being inappropriate in all, like not showing 'unpopular' relevant results) to place their results and the fact that as an internet search-engine they have no infrastructure thats guarantees a certain amount of market share. And everybody points out that NLP-Techniques are they key to future search-technologies, be it as a natural language inteface for queries or information-extraction technologies to rank results... It seems like MS is doing a lot of research in that area, looking for specialists in the NLP field, and also Googles recent expansions to Bangalore and Zuerich show they realise their situation and try doing their best in keeping up with the development.