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∞ /notes/the-joys-of-being-a-casual-eclipse-committer | 2014-01-17 | eclipse programming

The joys of being a casual Eclipse committer

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I contribute to Eclipse in my free time. I enjoy maintaining a little corner of the world. I tried a few things, and for me, being a casual Eclipse committer works best. Get started, run the Maven build. That takes a while. So I relax, listen to some music, enjoy my coffee, or whatever. And while Maven hums along, some thoughts flowing through, I relax. Then write some tests to verify a bug, write some code to fix the bug. Doing stuff, fixing stuff, improving stuff. Yay. Then: Maven again, humming along. Relax, some music, some thoughts, some coffee. Repeat. At the end of the day, push to eclipse.org. That much is done. I’ve improved the world a tiny bit today, put it out there, for the world to use, in a safe place, available forever. At the end of the week, month, or whenever: post to bug or list, tell the world. Discuss how to proceed to common goals. Together. Such joy. Very empowering. Wow. Sounds like you might like that too? Then find some little corner of the world, there are so many, fix some stuff, maintain some code, make the world a better place, and enjoy yourself.