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∞ /notes/using-mylyn-with-flyspray | 2008-06-03 | eclipse programming

Using Mylyn with Flyspray

Cross-posted to: https://fsteeg.wordpress.com/2008/06/03/using-mylyn-with-flyspray/

I've been thinking that I need a somewhat private issue tracking system, and when Max told me we have Flyspray installed on our server, I thought why not set up Mylyn's generic web connector once again. So here is what was required for setting up Mylyn with Flyspray for me:

Task URL: ${serverUrl}/index.php?do=details&task_id=

New Task URL: ${serverUrl}/index.php?do=newtask&project=4

Query Request URL: ${serverUrl}

Query Pattern: <td class='task_id'><a [^>]+>(\d+)</a></td>.+?<td class='task_summary'><a [^>]+>([^>]+)</a></td>

The query pattern here is the simple form, where the ID is captured in the first group and the description in the second one. Building a pattern that would support Mylyn's labeled groups for more attributes doesn't seem too hard as Flyspray's markup is pretty clean (by using descriptive class attributes as in the pattern above).